Gender Roles And Gender Inequality

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and girls when women already earn less than men in economic spheres (“Fact Sheet”, 2010). The underlying gender roles and gender inequality that persists in South Africa help not only to explain their unbelievably difficult daily burdens but it also aids in the understanding of the lack of economic and political representation of women in the region (Bentley, 2004).
Within South Africa there is a significant gap in the lack of opportunity and representation of women within the economic and political sphere, which directly correlates to their poverty. Often times the universal equality and importance of all members of society is not often respected, this is evident in the histories and devastations of apartheid in South Africa, but also in …show more content…

The economic and political empowerment of women not only would improve the lives of women, but of the children that depend on them and the direct and extended family members that rely on the help of women, in which the HIV/AIDS epidemic has heightened (Schreiner, Mohapi & Koppen, 2004). Females are more likely than men to live in households below the poverty line, lack the economic and political power to improve their status due to their underrepresentation, and thus lack the ability and clout to influence policy in ways that can bring social services or developmental status to women in need. Advocating for the educational and political achievement of women leads other young girls to see this and strive to be successful, breaking the cycle of disenfranchised women. Women in leadership can also help to promote and create opportunities for other women, and may also help to engage in policy-making that will be more effective because they bring a greater level of understanding to the issues at hand. For example, a recent effort in South Africa to expand the development of female lawmakers “helped advance legislation promoting gender equality such as providing equal land rights to women and ensuring reproductive rights” (Diop, 2015). Increasing the educational achievement of women within South Africa could

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