Gender Roles And Opportunities For The Persian Women

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“Elham was eight years old when she first wrapped herself in a chador; the all-encompassing black cloth Iranian women wear to disguise their figures. She spent her entire adolescence under its heavy drape”. This was until she laid foot in Australia and freed herself from the gender roles and expectations of Iran, unveiling herself both theoretically and in practice. Similar to beauty ideals, my investigation also aims to identify whether gender roles and opportunities for power for Persian women have changed as a result of migration to Australia.

Equality and opportunities for power has always been a blurred line in both developed and less advanced countries. Female respondents in my questionnaire were of various age groups and all reside in Australia. The questionnaire provided responses that correspond with the power and gender equality aspect of my research. Respondents were asked if they thought, “Do Persian women who reside in Iran have equal opportunities for power and gender equality than they do in Australia?” A total of 62 (76.5%) respondents showed that they do not, whilst 19 (23.4%) believed so.

Graph 2

Graph 2 represents the questionnaire results completed by a total of 81 responses, which consisted of both qualitative and quantitative data. Majority of the responders, regardless of their cultural background responded ‘yes’, sitting in at a total of 76.5% meanwhile the minority answering ‘no’ filling up the remaining at 23.4%.

Therefore the

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