Gender Roles In Japan

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The party rap scene in Japan has a more playful approach and accommodates the female listener. Their moral standards against degrading women are a lot higher than Americans. Sexist remarks is never in their lyrics, and this creates a comfortable atmosphere for the ladies. Women in Japan can enjoy themselves and not endure all the sexual stigmas that American women must face they can go to the clubs notice the “booming base” while entering and can look up at the big screen and see reruns of “Bruce Lee clips and Japanese anime” (Condry 235). Couples dance while singles circle the area and flirt with each other usually, women outnumber the men “sixty-forty split” (Condry 235). However, unless front door security controls the traffic moving in and out, the club in the States, men would dominate the…show more content…
American women must anticipate what they are going to see upon entering a club here. Is the first thing they’re going to visualize a couple of bouncers breaking up a fight between drunk men? On the other hand, possibly the Bruce Lee flicks on the big screen are pornographic movies. When entering the VIP lounge instead of witnessing rappers and DJs gossiping and networking (Condry 235) the room is full of people behaving sexually provocative with each other. So, yes, I would have to say that there is no similar gender bias between Japan and America’s party rap scene. Japanese men appear to have more respect don’t view their women as objects or prize possessions as the American men do. Our rap scene is full of men with little morals that know how to use sex to sell the rap industry, and until you pass the doors in one of our nightclubs, nobody knows
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