Gender Segregation in Education Essay

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Gender Segregation in Education

Many people think only of African Americans when the phrase segregation in education is spoken, but how often do we think of women? Women have gone through tremendous struggles to receive the same rights as men to an equal education. The following pages will explain many aspects of the history of the women’s struggles for desegregation, accomplishes made for desegregation, and the affects of sex or gender segregation still present in today’s educational system.

In the early colonial times, women’s roles were very defined. Men and society expected women to have children, raise those children proper, and be the best homemaker of all time. In the beginning, women were educated for the sake of …show more content…

There have been many. Today’s educational system still has hundreds of public and private single sex institutions. At most of these institutions, the student’s parents choose this options, but is this the best solution for our children?
There are advantages and disadvantages to single gender classes and schools. Eliminating classroom distractions from the opposite sex benefited certain students academically, particularly girls; single-gender classes were sometimes more comfortable places to learn. (Schroeder 2001) There was some evidence single-gender classes exacerbated teasing and disruptive behavior in boys, cattiness in girls.
Could the separation of gender in today’s school actually help females rather than harm? According to popular feminist wisdom, coed schools are detrimental to the self-esteem of girl; they discourage rather than inspire girls’ achievement, particularly in math and science. (Kaminer 1998)
What about boys are they segregated in education? If girls fair better in gender segregated schools, than why wouldn’t the boys. Boys school graduates show a more humanistic and sensitive approach to the world around them. (Hawley 1996)
I think many of the issues I read about were common knowledge to me. Being an education major,

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