Gender Stereotyping In Halloween

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With Halloween, just around the corner many parents and kids are trying to find what costume suits them. During this time of year, we see gender stereotyping a lot. Gender stereotyping is a generalized belief about what characteristics and quality one should have base on their gender (An Exploration of Gender Stereotypes in Perception and Practice of Leadership). More and more we are seeing this in everyday things. For example, girls are portrayed as the cheerleader while the boys are the football players. Gender Stereotyping can cause a lot of psychological damage to someone. I have done my own observations to better understand how gender stereotyping is involved in the media during Halloween.
For the entire month of October, all you see on tv, magazines, newspapers, billboards, posters etc. are sales for costumes since Halloween is at the end of the month. I have noticed that all the costumes in the advertisements are very stereotypical. The girls are dressed up like princesses and fairies while the boys are dressed up like superheroes and pirates. When you go to a store where they sell costume like Target and Party City all you see are aisles full of parents and children scrambling to find a costume. I noticed that many parents pick costumes for their children even if they are old enough to pick one out. The parents always go for the most popular and most stereotypical ones. For example, this year, costumes that are very popular are marvel avengers for boys and Disney

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