Gender and Ethnicity in Medicine

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Gender & Ethnicity in Medicine
Question No. 1
As per the available literature, the possible disciplines showing are epidemiology, pathophysiology, management, research outcomes and clinical research. In these categories of management research, endocardinology, cardiology and neurology are the main areas where sex/ gender differences are most visible. In order to make one aware of the gender differences that exist in major areas of medicine, it is necessary to make one's self aware of the research that is currently taking place and stay up to date. Since there are various studies to establish which areas of medicine have been subjected to gender differences, therefore, going through research papers that would entail the necessary statistical adjustments would make the medical practitioner aware of the areas where these differences have been actually exercised. As per research conducted by Prigione et al. in 2010, various areas of medicine and the respective research statistics have proved the discrepancies in the various areas of medicine concerning gender differences. Making one's self aware of these trends would help the medical practitioner aware of the recent models.
Question No.2
In developed and developing parts of the world, chronic diseases have been having morbid effects on the health of general population. Especially as far as, cardiovascular diseases are concerned, major risks have arise due to excessive tobacco intake, unhealthy diet, lack of physical
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