General Electric Light Company Analysis Essay

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Company SWOT
General Electric (GE) is a huge multinational corporation. The company started out as the Edison Electric Light Company in 1878. In 1892 the company was incorporated as General Electric thru a merger with the Thomson-Houston Electric Company. The company’s products and services include such items as aircraft engines, oil and gas production equipment, medical imaging, financing ,appliances, and industrial products . GE’s diversified businesses reduce its financial risk. GE currently company operates 206 manufacturing facilities in the US and Puerto Rico, and over 295 manufacturing plants located in 39 other countries around the world. GE offers products and services across the United States, Mexico, Europe, Asia, Middle East and many other countries. GE’s headquarters are located in Fairfield, Connecticut. In 2015, the company announced the GE Capital Exit Plan, where they plan to reduce the size of their financial service business. They will be selling off secondary business interests and some investments but still retaining particular assets to fuel their growth for years to come.
Company Strengths
GE is an innovator within the industry, and the company has many strengths that set it apart from their competitors. The company has major partnerships with other popular businesses worldwide. This is a major advantage for the company as it will help bring in new customers to the company and make their business more successful. General Electric has ventured

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