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A company has many items that distinguish it from other companies. This can be the symbols of the company, the motto, values, ethics, and even the atmosphere of the company. Symbols are one thing that identify the company and make it unique. This can be added to the company logo. The logo is the symbol of distinction of the company (Clement, 1994). The symbols represent the observable artifacts. When looking at the observable artifacts, this represents the things that are most visible to distinguish the company. The one thing that distinguishes the company I work for with other companies is that they value the quality of their products. This has been the cornerstone of the reputation of the company. I currently work for General Nutrition Center.…show more content…
It would be hypocritical to sell people a product that represents health and fitness and the employees do not live healthy themselves. Our company wants each employee to not only be educated about the products, but take them. Each employee is given free samples to try and information guides on how to exercise, eat right, and how to properly take supplements. This is very important for the environment that the company is trying to strive for. The fitness motto of the company is the espoused values of the company. The espoused values are the code of conduct in which many companies strive for their employees to follow (Khandelwal, 2010). General Nutrition Center strives to bring the best quality products with the best interests of the customers in mind. I have worked for this company for over 26 years. I am a health and fitness fanatic. I am 46 years old and I have run many 5k marathons. I have worked for both corporation and the franchise divisions. I must say that I like the franchise division better because it has a more laid back environment. I always felt like I was under pressure working corporate because of the constant pressure to sell certain products. I do love the live well motto, but not the need to sell products that I felt was overrated. The vision of the company is to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I feel that working there has helped me learn to eat better and become more active. I have applied the health and
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