Starbucks's Strategic Game Plan

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One company that has been particularly successful in creating an overall company image in my option has been Starbucks. They have been able to maintain a dominant position in today’s market. Where in the morning most of our society needs a good cup of coffee in order to start their day. At one point, we looked at Starbucks as a high-end marketer. A sort of club to belong to. However, things managed to change in the recent years where a 4.00 cup of coffee was becoming a luxury items. This became known as the Coffee Wars. Starbuck had to now face competition from the fast food world. Which was McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts. They started to look at this market as an opening to gain more customers. They started to offer their customers premium coffee at an unbeatly cheaper price and began branding with “almost as good, coffees.” This changed Starbucks strategic game plan. Starbucks would be forced to Building and managing relationships, look at their business-to-business markets and trust, and their customer relations management.

Building and managing relationships was the first approach looking at their new competitors, which are McDonalds and Donkin Donuts. Starbucks first open their store opened in 1971, in Seattle’s Pike Place Market. In 1982 the president and CEO Howard Schultz, joined the company. He had just returned from a trip to Italy in 1983, and invasion a new way to serve coffee in the United States. He wanted to bring the way of Italian coffeehouse…
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