General Grant 's Personality And Leadership Skills

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Summary I enjoyed reading this book and would recommend it to all people in leadership positions or anyone who aspires to be a leader. It is a well-rounded book that explores General Grant’s personality and leadership skills and has lessons that managers and leaders can apply in their organizations and become effective leaders. Each lesson is short, clear, and direct to the point and this makes it easier for leaders to understand and implement the lessons. General Grant’s life is interesting and inspiring, he did not want to pursue a career in the army and when he was a junior officer, he resigned because he had no meaningful work, but he ended up being an outstanding and successful leader who was detail oriented and often preferred to see for himself what was happening in the units under his command. As stated in the book, General Grant tried farming and real estate, but failed and when the civil war began, he offered his services to the Governor of Illinois. It is during his first civil war that he gained confidence and used his personal knowledge of the Confederate commander to capture Fort Donelson. When General Grant was at Shiloh with his men, he knew it was a messy battlefield, but he did not retreat because he saw the total picture. He was also keen to create allies because he knew they were an important resource. In 1863, when the General was appointed to command the Military Division of the Mississippi, his responsibilities increased and included Chattanooga and at
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