General Hideki Tojo's Role In Ww2

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World War II was a major hit on the world. There were lots of powers affecting it. General Hideki Tojo was a major part. First he became an army minister in 1940. Then prime minister in 1 year. He also got the nickname “The Razor.”Hideki's arrest orders were issued by General Douglas Macarthur. Hideki married Katsuke Ito in 1909 and had 3sons and 4 daughters. Hideki was born in Tokyo 1884as Eiku Tojo. He was the 3rd son and all the others died. He graduated from the Imperial Military Academy at 42nd out of 50,which is not good,and Military Staff College. After World War I he was sent to Berlin and upon return he was awarded with command of japans 1st infantry regiment then in 1937 he was made chief of staff over the Kwantung army. Hideki Tojo was the leader of japan and led them through most of the war. Tojo also ordered the bombing of pearl harbor which if he didn't Hitler might have won World War II and every body would be in trouble because he bombed us so we got into the war and won it so Hitler was defeated. Tojo was almost assassinated by Major Tsumoda Tomoshige because the Major plotted the plan to kill Tojo with a bomb filled with potassium cyanide. He survived because he resigned from prime minister in 1944. …show more content…

He was left handed so he could not aim correctly and missed his barely missed his heart. With extreme care by American doctors he was saved then hung. All of his family went into a hiding state until 60 yrs later when Tuko Tojo. She became a school teacher and lived her life without people bothering her. With her she had a box that contained nail clippings, a lock of hair, and the butt of General Tojo's last

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