General Motors ' Organisational Change

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General Motors.
Reviewing General Motors’ organisational change has taught me that organisational change is a vital factor in organisations. It is a progression, where organisations improve operational performance to achieve their ideal state. Organisational change is a product of an ever-changing business environment. Additionally, I have learnt that organisational change is a response to a crisis situation, or it is generated from a leader. Moreover, a mere process of adjustment does not result in successful organisational change; organisational change involves effective managing capabilities. Conversely, many topics must be considered to accomplish effective change within an organisation. With this in mind, I will discuss General …show more content…

Following this, the vision must also be communicated through multiple channels, in so constantly communicating the planned changes. Fourthly the employees need to feel empowered. This can be achieved through the reduction of organisational politics and structures, which inhibit the possibility for change. Once this is achieved, it will help the organisation experience support for change and provide motivation. The seventh step is rewarding those who engaged positively with the planned change within the organisation. Finally, links between change, leadership and performance of the organisation should be considered (Palmer, 2006). In light of Kotter’s ‘8 steps’ theory (1995), the Bridges Transitional Models argues that ‘change will not be successful if transition doesn’t occur’ (Bridges, 1995). Furthermore Bridges (1995) states transition is defined as “the ending of something”, thus the first phase of this theory. The following phase is the ‘neutral zone’. The ‘neutral zone’ is a state of confusion between the ‘old and the new’. It is during this phase that people are not ready to welcome, or not confortable with change. It is due to this state that change might be jeopardized if the organisation decides to cease, planned change. However, if the ‘neutral zone’ is completed successfully, many opportunities for creative transformation can be presented. The final phase

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