Generalized Anxiety Disorder Is A Mental Disorder That

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Generalized anxiety disorder is a mental disorder that affects approximately four to five percent of the general population. This disorder can be illustrated by excessive anxiety and worry that lasts a minimum of six months and deals with various events or activities. People who struggle with this disorder have difficulties controlling their worry; this worry can permeate into every action or thought which leads to increased anxiety. Moreover, people with generalized anxiety disorder exhibit at least three of six major symptoms including restlessness, fatigue, difficulty concentrating or blank mind, irritability, muscle tension, and sleep disturbance. The DSM-V describes this disorder as “an anxiety, worry, or physical symptoms that cause…show more content…
Brad’s family struggled to obtain common and necessary provisions including proper clothing, transportation, and nutritional and substantial food due to his father’s low income and eventual unemployment. Moreover, the chaos and disorder in the household of six young boys contributed to a challenging living environment for an orderly and clean young fourteen-year-old boy. Even though his living situations were not ideal, Brad states that his family was faithful; they attended mass every Sunday and prayed the Rosary daily. Spirituality was Brad’s first form of “treatment” during the beginning phases of his anxiety.
Brad’s anxiety has progressively been getting worse since his youth; the biggest attribute to his anxiety throughout his life, thus far, includes taking difficult classes and exams during medical school, paying off more than $100,000 in student loans, financially providing for his family, increasing pressures at work, and other various stressful situations that occur in everyday life. However, before 2011, Brad had not been medically diagnosed and, therefore, was not taking medications or attending therapy to ease his anxiety disorder. Brad was living life, day to day, in a constant state of worry, and unfortunately, is still experiencing a great deal of worry in his life today.
Brad attended Briar Cliff University for his undergraduate degree in biology,
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