Generation X : The Generation Of The Generation

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Who is apart of this “Generation X” group? Typically, people who were born in the years of 1965-1980. People who were born in those times had a hard life. They grew up during the Aids breakout, the fall of the Berlin Wall, Watergate and the end of the Cold War. This lead to them being Suspicious and cynical. People of this generation usually don’t trust too many people. You are considered being apart of the “Millennials” generation if you were born in the years of 1981-2000. People of this generation are typically spoiled and brattish. We grew up during the War on Terrorism, 9/11, school shootings, and the introduction to social media. We are more friendly and inviting compared to the past generations. We are quicker to accept people into our groups/cliques. For as core values, the “Gen Xer’s” are more independent than our generation. Our generation is more dependent on our parents for everything. For example, my mom had to work during high school just to pay for college, because her parents weren’t able to afford the cost of college. That shows how she worked for what she wanted, knowing that she didn’t have the support of her parents to depend on. But for me I look for my mother and step dad to pay my tuition every semester. Another thing that is different about our generation from anyone else is our responsibility with money. We as young adults have a problem with spending as soon as we get. Most definitely me, I am terrible at this. Last semester, I had a job at
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