Generational Curses Of My Family

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My family history is full of generational curses (at least that what my family calls it). From what I know my mother’s side of the family migrated to California from Louisiana in 1930’s. Unfortunately, this didn’t involve my grandmother (Bobbie Smith) who was left behind to be reared by some else until the age of 21. In the late 1960’s, she moved to California along with her 2 daughters and leaving 1 daughter (my mother) behind in Louisiana to be reared and adopted by Idella & Curly Welcome. Idella worked as a maid and Curly worked in the sawmill. Idella and Curly were fortunate enough to purchase a small piece of land in Pineville, Louisiana where they built a home. In addition, they planted their own vegetable garden and raised ducks, chickens,

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