Generic Approaches to Service System Design

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Generic approaches to service system design production-line approach routine services can be delivered through this approach, services are provided in a controlled environment to ensure consistent quality and efficiency of operation. a service taking this approach could gain a competitive advantage with a cost leadership strategy. this approach attempts to translate a successful manufacturing concept into the service sector. limited discretionary action of personnel a feature that contributes to the production line approach's success. standardization and quality (defined as consistency in meeting specifications) are the hallmarks of a production line. for standardized routine service, consistency in service performance would be…show more content…
the low contact, or back office, operation is run as a plant. this separation of activities can result in a customer perception of personalized service while in fact achieving economies of scale through volume processing. most appropriate for the processing of goods category. degree of customer contact part of the customer contact approach customer contact refers to the physical presence of the customer in the system. the degree of contact can be measured by the percentage of time that the customer is in the system relative to the total service time. high-contact services is where the customer determines the timing of demand and the nature of the service by direct participation in the process. customers have no direct influence on the production process of low-contact systems, however, because they're not present. separation of high- and low-contact operations part of the customer contact approach when service systems are separated into high- and low-contact operations, each area can be designed separately to achieve improved performance. high-contact operations require employees with excellent interpersonal skills. low-contact operations can be separated physically from customer contact operations; however, there is some nee for communication across the line of visibility to track progress of customer orders or property. the advantage is that back office operations can be scheduled like a factory to obtain
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