Genesis 4: 1-16 Essay

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Here we will look at Genesis 4:1-16, this passage deals with the murder of Abel by his brother Cain. We clearly see that these 16 verses are broken into four distinct sections. The background genealogy v. 1-2a, the Impasse in v2b-8, the Judgement V.9-15 and finally in V. 16 the conclusion . It can be seen that the events build and then slow at the critical point when God is talking to Cain, indeed the recalling of the actual events is very clear. This is a simple case of murder, indeed the first murder. The conversation is between God and Cain and just as we saw with Adam and the fall the focus here sin and the consequences of sin.
When we look at V. 1-2 we are presented with the image of life starting after the fall with the first birth of a human being taking place, we are given the image of Eve giving thanks for the birth with the cry “I have acquired a man with the Lord” that being Cain. This cry of joy is given in rejoicing to the Creator who …show more content…

It can also be seen that in this lie or attempt to lie to God there is an obvious lack of remorse and it appears that there is no repentance in Cain in regards to his actions or the events that have transpired.
V.10-14 God presents the evidence of his crime, Abel’s Blood that has been shed by Cain is given an identity of its own, and this is clear as God calls on it as if it were a witness that testified as to the actions and events that had occurred. Now God passes judgement on Cain for his actions, in 3:13-14 we saw that the ground cursed, here now we see that it is the ground that will curse

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