Genetic Aspects Of Stroke : The Brain Essay

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Genetic Aspects of Stroke
The brain is the most complex of all the organs in the body. It is comprised of three pounds of tissue, which operates as the nerve center of the body. It connects all of our body functions, such as behavior, emotions, and movement. Because the brain is very hard working organ, it requires a constant supply of oxygen and nutrients from blood to function effectively. The heart pumps blood throughout the cerebral arteries, and delivers blood to the brain. Therefore, any significant interruption to the supply of nutrients and oxygen, results in killing brain cells. Damage to brain cells occurs when there is significant restriction of blood flow to the brain. When any part of the brain experiences blood flow restriction, the result can lead to affecting body functions and in the worse cases; death can occur.

The term "stroke “comes from the once popular idea that someone had received a "stroke of God 's hand" and was therefore damaged. Strokes are also called cerebrovascular accidents or brain attacks to emphasize the importance to get immediate medical attention when it is occurring. Stroke is the third leading killer in the United States. A stroke can be destroying by inherit from family genetic or nationality, metabolism of the body.
“Stroke is leading cause of death and the major cause of adult neurological disability. In the USA, 795 000 stroke occur every year.” (name ) The proportion rises most strongly with age, therefore with the
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