Genetically Modified Foods: Are They killing Us?

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Genetically Modified Organisms are foods that have had their DNA altered scientifically to either produce bigger crops, resist diseases, and control insects as well as weeds and other crop related hazards. While the companies that manufacture GMO’s throughout the world state that these crops are safe for human consumption, many people disagree with the companies claim of safety. Several scientific studies that have been conducted on GMO’s show that these foods have the potential to cause significant harm to humans. Lab animals fed these foods developed numerous diseases ranging from intestinal diseases, blood disorders, organ malfunctions, abnormal cell growth and various cancers (Lendman). Unfortunately, GMO’s are found in many of the fresh and processed foods that Americans eat on a daily basis. Most consumers are completely unaware that their food contains GMO’s, due to a lack of federal regulations on them and also a lack of laws requiring adequate labeling that would inform consumers about the presence of GMO’s in their food. The United States of America is the leading county producing GMO foods, and has been selling them to consumers since 1994. Interestingly, the United States is also the leading country of obesity in the world, and some people contribute this to the use of GM foods. Consumers in the United States are unaware that foods they are eating have been genetically modified. The main reason for this is that the FDA has no regulations or safety
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