Genetically Modified Organisms And Human Health

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Over the past few decades the production of genetically modified organisms has become more and more commonplace. Genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, are created by artificially inserting the genes from one organism into another, in order to create a desired protein in the new organism. In the USA it is estimated that over 70% of processed foods found in grocery stores has been in some way genetically modified (Center For Food Safety). Due to limited experimentation and research however, many are unsure about how GMOs affect human health. While the long term effects of genetically modified organisms in humans are yet to be seen, most scientists agree that GMOs are generally safe for human consumption. Genetically modified foods and …show more content…

These genes allow the legumes to take nitrogen from the air and convert it into ammonia, therefore negating the need for fertilizer. According to the article not only does this process make the plants healthier, but the absence of fertilizer can help the environment, which leads to even more benefits to human health. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN estimates that due to the growing global population, by 2050 farmers will need to grow 70% more food than they do today (Grist). Unless farmers rely on deforestation, they will have to use GMOs to meet this target. Failure to do so could lead to starvation and death for millions. According to a study by agricultural economist’s at the German University of Göttingen, “GM technology increased crop yields by 22 percent, reduced pesticide use by 37 percent, and increased farmer profits by 68 percent.” (Genetic Literacy Project). Not only do increased crop yields lead to more available food, but higher profits means that poor farmers can afford more of their own foods. Another case of GMOs helping with nutritional value can be seen in innate potatoes and arctic apples. Normally apples and other fruits and vegetables are dipped in acids to prevent browning, however these apples and potatoes are created to not turn brown naturally. Non-bruising fruits could lead to less

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