Genre Of The Mind And Behavior

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Genre Analysis Option A: How information differs in Research Articles and Web Articles in the field of Psychology. Psychology in a general broad definition represents the scientific study of the mind and behavior. It is also a multifaceted discipline that includes many sub-fields of study ranging from human development to social-cognitive processes. One major way that Psychology studies the mind and behavior is through the use of experimental research in which experiments, correlation studies and longitudinal research is used to understand and explain how we, as human beings, act and think. This in itself represents on genre of the field of Psychology. Since Psychology is a field that is focused on the interactions, mindsets and behaviors, it is required that its research be provided to the general public. Reports of the empirical research findings of Psychology are usually reported through Magazines, News reports or Web articles. Web articles that are oriented in representing Psychology represents another genre of Psychology. However, while these two genres do provide information that are related to the experimental, they differ drastically from another. Due to the organization of the genres as well as the respective audiences the genres respond to, psychology website articles and research article have different specific purposes that may lead to different interpretation, therefore, possible problems of misrepresentations or generalizations.. One of the first ways these
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