Gentically Modified Organisms are the Topic of Conversation

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In the past decade or so, genetically modified foods and genetically modified organisms, also known as GM Foods and GMO’s, have been a never ending topic of discussion. GM Foods and GMO’s have adversely affected people’s health all over the world. GMO’s are developed through taking genes of different species, then combining them through genetic engineering. Neither of those things can happen naturally or out in nature. That should raise lots of red flags to our society already. Adding these altered foods into our diets can very easily lead to an increased risk of disease and cancer. In this article it explains how some the foods we eat today have changed over the years. Little did you know, a simple ham and cheese sandwich, (yes, those sandwiches mom used to pack us everyday for lunch) nowadays can cause heart disease and some cancers faster than cigarettes. Most of the time we don’t realize that we’re eating harmful processed food. No, you can’t blame your traditional farmers, they had no part in it. Farmers today, still choose to grow natural and organic foods. Struggling to keep their businesses afloat. Blame the big corporations out there. The corporations that don’t consider the health of people, but choose to use genetically processed seeds to enlarge their produce, and even enlarge their pockets. They take the cheap and effortless way

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