The Mass Food Production Of Our Society

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The mass food production in our society
People say the most important essence of our lives are clothing, house and food. Among these components that we value the most, food has always been the most significant value even before the civilization. Our ancestors have fought for better location for themselves to gain geological advantages of food production. From many historical contexts one can discover all the great civilizations took places near by the river and rich soil to cultivate crops. They grew what people in the present days would call it ‘organic foods’. Yes, organic food is harder to grow because of pests or weather conditions. Our society has already moved on from that processes. Now we have pesticides to remove insect harming crops and scientists recently developed Genetically Modified Organisms also known as GMOs. GMOs sustain better in harsh climates, their sizes are a lot greater than organic foods. It is true that usage of pesticides and GMOs have allowed the world mass food production in our society. Although, we have enough food to feed billions of populations throughout the world. But, what does it do to our health? Pesticides contain numerous harmful chemicals and insects build up tolerance and we will end up inventing a lot stronger pesticides in the future. Crops aren’t the only the problem when it comes to GMOs. Many of domestic animals are genetically modified to produce larger portion of meats. Think about all those bacon strips and steaming steaks.

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