Gentrification In USA Chinatown

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Gentrification in USA Chinatown
What is gentrification? Gentrification is the process of renovating and improving a house or district so that it foncorms to middle-class taste. Majority of USA’s Chinatowns are going through gentrification, which leads to the loss of vibrant immigrant communities where people work, live, shop, and socialize. Many individuals say that Chinatown is losing its meaning of “Chinatown” because the percentages of Chinese inhabitants there are decreasing every year. Since there are many Chinatowns in USA, I had selected New York, Los Angeles, Chicago to use as examples of gentrification.
There are 3 Chinatowns in New York State: Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. According to the Asian American Federation 2013 Edition, New York City was home to 83% of New York State’s Chinese Residents (Asian American Federation). “Chinatown is being gentrified by white, wealthy and college educated residents” (McCarthy). Over the past 17 years, businesses are taking over the lower-income neighborhoods to renovate the area so new businesses can prosper. The major social problem for New York is as wealthier individuals move into the neighborhoods, landlords raise their rents to cash in more revenue, forcing residents out. “One of my aunts who still lives in what is now the very trendy Soho pays for all repairs and upgrades in her apartment, as the building owners refuse to do so in an effort to bully her into leaving and renting her apartment at a much higher cost. Yes,
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