George Armstrong Custer's Death In The Battle Of Little Bighorn

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The Battle of Little Bighorn, also known as the Battle of Greasy Grass, was not a significant battle when comparing death count, but it was a big turning point in the course of American History. George Custer was a widely respected military leader who had rarely lost a battle up until that point. It was a shock to the white population that an Indian tribe had that much power and could beat such a powerful army with such advanced military tactics. George Armstrong Custer’s arrogance and the already tense relations with the Sioux Indians were the main factors that ultimately contributed to his death in the Battle of Little Bighorn.
George Armstrong Custer was born in Ohio on December 5, 1839. He entered the military academy at West Point in 1857. He was not strong academically, but he showed strong leadership qualities at an early age. Custer got into the militaristic mindset early in life. He entered the American Civil War fresh out of West Point and became quite famous as a member of a generation of boy generals known for their aggressiveness. He reported to the 2nd US Cavalry as 2nd Lieutenant in the battle of the First Bull Run. Custer briefly served on the staff of Brigadier General Philip
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“Crazy Horse, the greatest of the Sioux Chiefs, led his people in a valiant, but futile struggle against domination by the white culture. Instrumental in the U.S. Army’s defeats at Rosebud and the Little Bighorn, he fought to the last to hold native land for his people.” Crazy Horse was very much respected by his people. The Sioux Indians were a people of war and he was able to give them a sense of independence and show them that they deserved it. He was able to give his people the motivation they needed to fight for their freedom. He never attended a peace council or signed any kind of peace treaty because he believed it was a sign of weakness to compromise with the

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