Essay about Georges-Jacques Danton of France and Leadership

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Georges-Jacques Danton of France and Leadership

What is a leader? A leader as described by Webster's Dictionary is, "person who has commanding authority or influence." A man in history who certainly fits that description is Georges-Jacques Danton of France. Danton had a trouble childhood that included losing his father before his third birthday, and having several encounters with animals that would eventually leave him deformed for life. Danton's early political promise showed most one day in grade school. Back then, the punishment for students was not detentions or demerits, but instead they were struck on the fingers with a ruler. One day, Danton's friend Paré could not recite the assigned text, but refused to put out his …show more content…

He was voted as a delegate of Paris before fellow colleagues Desmoulins and Robespierre. He also had the character to resign from the cabinet in order to put his full efforts into the National Convention. He wanted so bad to wipe out the monarchy so on January the 16th of 1793, he voted with the majority to have king Louis XVI executed (Dwyer, 81). In conclusion, Georges-Jacques Danton was an outstanding figure that fought for the rights of the people during the French Revolution. Georges-Jacques Danton's leadership roles can also be seen from his work in the Committee of Public Safety. The National Convention adopted the Committee of Public Safety in efforts to defend the new regime established by them. Danton's primary responsibility on the Committee of Public Safety was national defense. He had to protect the people at all costs, and at the same time, he had to deal with foreign affairs (Dwyer, 87). Other monarchial countries were concerned that the idea of a republic would spread to their people, and thus start rebellions all over. These countries wanted to siege France and stop this so-called nonsense at once. After the death of Gabrielle, one of Danton's colleagues, he attempted to draw up a new constitution, known as the Constitution of 1791. This proposal, however, was rejected by the Convention, but Danton continued to speak in front of the members in efforts to persuade them to agree with his views (Dwyer, 89). In summary,

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