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Did you know that there are about 3,971,20 people living in Georgia right now( If it weren’t for James Oglethorpe, there would be 0 people living in Georgia. Oglethorpe wanted Georgia to be a place for the “Working Poor” to go. Unfortunately, King George II had other ideas. You see, King George wanted Georgia for mercantilism, which is when you buy raw materials from one place/country and then make them into a product, such as a couch or a dress, and then sell that product to another place/country. The king also wanted Georgia as a buffer between the Spanish in Florida and the colonies in the Carolinas. So, Georgia was founded for Philanthropy, Economics, and Defense. Oglethorpe was all for Philanthropy, and George II …show more content…

He wanted Georgia to produce five raw materials: Wine Rice Indigo Silk Timber. Or W.R.I.S.T for short. In order to produce silk, Georgia needed to grow mulberry trees. Oglethorpe made it sound like Georgia was the perfect climate for growing mulberry trees. He said that Georgia had a perfect climate, fertile soil, and that it was very easy to cultivate crops. Well, that wasn’t true, it was very difficult to cultivate crops. There were lots of Trees and the outer coastal plain was very sandy and salty. The colonists also brought over the wrong species of mulberry tree, the only group to successfully farm silk were the Salzburgers. Slaves were also not permitted which caused a whale of a labor issue amongst the colonists. This ended up being repealed, because of a group of dissatisfied colonists known as the Malcontents. The Malcontents did not like that they were not allowed to have slaves, or drink rum, so when Oglethorpe left, the leaders of the Colony gave in to the demands of the Malcontents. This resulted in less raw materials, which in turn meant less money for the king. So economics probably caused a lot of conflict in Georgia and England. Georgia was also meant to be a buffer colony between Florida, which was Spanish territory, and The Carolinas, which was English territory. The Battle of Bloody Marsh is responsible for the Highland Scots. If it weren’t for that bloody marsh,

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