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The Affects of Georgia Pacific of Palatka (Paper Mill) on the Soil Quality of Nearby Forests In the U.S. city of Palatka, Florida is a paper mill that affects the environment of the nearby cities. Georgia Pacific has a huge impact on the soil quality due to their extensive process of deforestation, in order to produce tissue and other paper products. An annual report from the environmental management team of Georgia Pacific will show how Georgia Pacific (GP) manages the land. Due to the consistent deforestation, it could possibly strip the soil of its nutrients, which would be tested through the pH, phosphorous, potash, and nitrogen level of an affected area and the area of deforestation. In order for the pine trees to thrive, the trees that …show more content…

Figures 1-4 are the soil tests of the Ravine Gardens, and all the tests shows suitable nutrients required for pine trees. Fig 1 pH level shows slight acidity for the ravines’ soil, which is healthy for pine trees. The test shows the pH at 6.5, and most pine trees prefer neutral to acidic soil, which the ravines’ soil is suitable for the pine trees. Figs 2-4 show suitable nutrients for the soil in the ravines garden. The potash level is at a surplus level, the nitrogen level is sufficient, and the phosphorous level is adequate. Compared to the soil that is affected by Georgia Pacific (GP), the results are almost completely opposite. Fig 5 shows that the soil is very acidic, which is not healthy for pine trees. It is at 6.5-pH level, and that is considered to be on high end of acidity. Figs 6-8 show the nutrients of the soil, and it proves that nutrients have been stripped. The potash level is adequate, the nitrogen level is depleted, and the phosphorous level is deficient. This means that the soil will not have the vegetation to support the pine trees in that area if the nutrients are continuously being stripped. According to Georgia Pacific’s statement , they promise to maintain a healthy forest ecosystem, but there is still a significant difference in the amount of nutrients contained in the soil when comparing to the Ravine Gardens. GP also have a policy, for every tree that is uprooted it should be replaced with three more trees. Although, this is a good method, it won’t thrive if soil does not have the nutrients to sustain it. Due to the continuous deforestation of the land, it caused the nutrients to be stripped, which will be difficult for future pine trees to thrive there. It is visible in fig 9 that the soil has lost its nutrients. The soil seems dry and stripped of life compared to the Ravines, where the soil was luscious and filled with nutrients. This could

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