German Technology And Its Impact On The World

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1. Bouncing back from the infamous history of the German National Socialist Party and the Cold War Era presence of the Berlin Wall, Germany has once again risen to become one of the most prosperous countries in the World with their competitive persona. Within the cultural domains, Germany remains a leader within the realm of Technology and Material, as well as Economics and Resources, while maintaining strong relations with the United States of America.

2. It comes as no surprise that German technology is amongst some of the most innovative and influential introduced to human civilization. In absence of Germany, the world would be vastly different. It is quite difficult to imagine a world without automobiles, chip cards, helicopters, jet engines, motorcycles, refrigerators, and even the extreme discovery of nuclear fission, in turn paving the way for the first nuclear weapon created by the United States5. Despite the prevalence of these inventions in today’s world, they are just a small sample of the technologies, which originated from Germany.

a. German invented technologies have changed the world tremendously and the personality of their society reflects this premise. Germans are described as stoic perfectionists2. This perfectionist attitude leads to competition both amongst themselves and with other nations. In support of the perfectionist attitude towards life, German companies put the same perfectionist attitude into their products as well. A main

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