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After high school, most students want to go to college. However, some students do not want to begin college right after high school. This is due to financial problems or students not being ready to be apart from family. The order, in which societies and many cultures have set, for the time in a person’s life, which he should go to college, was set for a reason. Students are expected to graduate from high school, attend and graduate college, then go on to a career. Students who keep this order tend to experience all they can in their earlier years of life, and have a career in which they can use the experiences they have accumulated from college. This will in turn create a financial and stress free life in their adult years. Students should not wait a year before they enter college because they can get involved with things that will stop them from going to college, forget knowledge from high school, or lose out on opportunities because of their age difference. Students who wait a year before starting college may have a hard time going to college after that year because of everyday experiences, that may alter their mind of their want or need to attend college. In one school year off after high school, students are likely to obtain a job to keep money in their pockets, get pregnant, or have to much spare time on their hands, which can lead them to hanging with bad influential people, that will in turn get students involved in activities like stealing or fighting that will then

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