Getting A Child Via Vaginal Birth

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Many consider that delivering a child via vaginal birth is something any woman can do, especially in modern times. We often discount the trauma that mother or child may undergo during this time. We, in the United States, no longer think that giving birth might be a matter of life and death. However, there are countries in which this still holds true.
Better prenatal care and availability of cesarean sections have greatly reduced the amount of women who were in danger of developing fistulas during the process of labor within the United States and Europe (Fistula Foundation). Unfortunately, women in Africa and Asia do not have those items available to them. For many, their only care is that of a midwife during the time of childbirth. …show more content…

Additionally, the lack of health care to areas like these exacerbates the problems of obstetric fistula. In particular, the issue that “women were banned from receiving treatment from male doctors under Taliban rule… left [many illnesses] untreated and births were largely done in the home with no skilled attendants present” (Fistula Foundation).
According to Nicholas D. Kristof, “Maternal health is woefully neglected and those suffering fistulas are completely voiceless – young, female, poor, rural, and ostracized. They are the 21st century’s lepers” (Kristof). For countless women who live in a society where having children plays a large role on her self-esteem, as well as her social status, trying to have a child could be a life-altering event if a fistula occurs. Due to the foul smell of feces and/or urine, many “women face social stigmata, shame, divorce, separation from family, loss of place in society, as well as increasing poverty” (Capes, Ascher-Walsh and Abdoulaye).
The dreadful fact is that the majority of these women need never to experience a fistula in the first place. Obstetric fistulas could be prevented by simply delaying the age of first pregnancy, allowing time for the natural growth of a woman’s hips. They could also be prevented with access to obstetric care and the possible use of an emergency cesarean section (World Health Organization).

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