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Environmental health is on of those issues that affect everyone living today. Some of us choose to act as though there is nothing happening or that nothing is going wrong with how nature is reacting to humanity’s continued abuse. However, the rest of us know that to not act is to doom our children and grandchildren to a world that is far less rich for our greed.

One of the greatest threats to our health is the continued use of oil and oil based products. Everything about oil is filthy. Pulling it out of the earth involves large machinery digging up vast tracts of natural land. Most of it becomes heavily polluted as the oil is extracted. Transport is just as nasty. Whether by tanker ship, oil pipeline or truck, there is always the very
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Our car is only used for driving to work and back or trips over ten miles long.

Using a bicycle instead of a car for short trips is fairly easy. We have one bike that is our designated 'shopping' bike. It has a basket at the front. It also has a rack and two large wire baskets on the rear for all our shopping. The store is an easy 2 miles away. Every week I hop on and peddle my way there and back. It takes me no longer then it would if I were to get into the car, fight my way through the traffic and the lights and hunt for a parking spot. In fact, it probably takes me less time to get there!

The shopping bike is not our only bike. We have lighter fast road bikes and comfortable cruisers to commute to our other destinations. A lightweight rear rack over the back wheel on each of our bikes means that we can stop by a store on our way home without hardship.

It's pretty easy to get started in a car-light life-style. First, take a look at your local infrastructure. Note how many of your car trips are just to a local store and back. Next, you get yourself a comfortable bike and a good bike lock or two. Be sure to pick a bike that has eyelets in the frame to easily bolt on your racks and baskets. Try getting a used bike for even less environmental impact. Start small. Take the bike to the corner store instead of drive. Work your way into hopping on your bike for longer and longer trips. Each little bit adds up.

Biking has changed our lives for the better.

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