Getting an Inside Look: Given Imaging's Camera Pill

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Getting An Inside Look: Given Imaging’s Camera Pill Getting an Inside Look: Given Imaging’s Camera Pill The factors which makes Iddan, an engineer with no medical background, to pioneer the development of wireless endoscopy are he as an electo-optical engineer and was working on developing the “eye” of guided missile to its target. His friend at boston gave him information about technology used for viewing the interior lining of the digestive system which had lots of limitations, specially with viewing the small intestine. This small intestine causes serious disorders and only in United States approximately 19 million people suffer from disorders. Existing technology like X-ray and endo-scopes were unable to identify or investigate about…show more content…
Development of the camera pill which use in wireless endoscopy could be a “science push” as science-push approach to research and development. This approach assumed that innovation proceeded linearly from scientific discovery, invention, engineering, manufacturing activities and marketing. The primary sources of innovation were discoveries in basic science that were translated into commercial applications. But development of camera pill is definitely a “demand-pull” as demand-pull approaches that innovation was driven by the perceived demand of potential users and demand generated because lack in existing technology. Current research states that firms that are successful innovators utilize multiple sources of information and ideas. On collaborating Iddan and Meron with Dr. Swain’s team advantages are gaining each other’s knowledge and expertise in their field as Iddan’s CMOS based sensors enabled the production of a smaller device with lower power requirements, while Dr. Swain’s team has superior expertise in anatomy and imaging needs of diagnosing small intestine disorders. Thus team gets benefit of both technology innovation and scientific knowledge to invent new device which can resolve the lacking behind issue. This is a clear merger of technology with science resulting into satisfying market demand. On other side disadvantages

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