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International Human Resources Management Research International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef · Bonn Masters of Arts International Management Is GHRM applicable to be implemented in all types of business? Name: Hisham Reda Student ID: NEC2160104 Supervisor: Dr. Tina Huesing Date of Submission: 10.04.2016 ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I know it’s not a thesis or a huge research to write an acknowledgements but I wanted to thank Dr. Tina Huesing for being a great teacher for me and it’s a real privilege for me to still learning under her supervised. She is very helpful and inspiring for me especially I am still in the beginning of learning how to write a good research from her, and I would say thank you very…show more content…
Green Human Resource Management policies and practices needs to integrate with CSR as one of main approaches to reach the organizations’ aim which is safety, health, environmental stewardship, and good condition for workplace (including health, safety, hours of work and wages) (Hohnen, 2007). CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) described as the business contribution to sustain economic development and it became one of important issues nowadays that integrated into modern business and HR practices. Green Human Recourse Management practices and policies have a lot of great benefits such as: cutting costs and employee retention, etc… and when GHRM integrated with CSR it will be better for the idea of going green through satisfying environmental needs, social needs for employees and for sustainable developments, but is the Green Human resource Management policies and practices are applicable to be implemented in all types of business or not? And what are the disadvantages or consequences of implementing the Green human resource management is some of business types? Research Objectives This research focus to define the impact of going green in businesses and the practices and policies of GHRM, additionally it concentrates on how GHRM can be implemented in all businesses and if it’s
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