Gianniss Antetokounmpo Analysis

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giannis antetokounmpo

Have you ever had the feeling that, something you see everyday, but you kept ignoring it, like a small tree in your backyard, because it was so insignificant, and suddenly one day, it popped right in front of your eyes because it grew so big that you had to pay attention, and you’re just like, “where did THAT come from? Has it been there the whole time?”

That is exactly how I feel about the Bucks guard, Giannis Antetokounmpo. He was barely known by anybody three years ago when he was drafted. At that time, his team was not at its best, finishing the 13-14 season with only 15 wins out of 82 regular season games, and he himself was only averaging 6.8 points and 4.4 rebounds per game. The team looked lost, without a
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His field goal percentage is steadily increasing over the past three years that he spent in the league, yet he is not shooting a lot from outside, only having attempted around 1 three pointer each game, and 87% of his field goals attempted are two-pointers, and among those field goals he attempted, 50.2% of them are 0-3 feet away from the basket. It can be seen from his highlights and stats, that he finishes most of his possessions inside the paint or from mid-range. But if he wants to avoid injuries, in order to spend a preferably longer time in the league, and to have a more all-around game, a consistent long-range shooting ability is what he needs the most. In addition to working on his shooting skills, it would also help him join the all-star club much faster if he could learn to create his own shots. Throughout the past three seasons, 50 % of the field goals and 76% of the three pointers that he attempted were assisted by other teammates, so that means he was always on the receiving end of a pass while cutting, running down the court or running to an open spot. What he needs is to able to create shots for himself during an iso play, like Joe Johnson or James Harden. This skill would prove useful in a lot of occasions during crunch times or when his teammates are kept off
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