Giovanni Battista Venturi Impact On Science

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Science is very important to our life. It helped us to understand many things in our world. Many of the famous scientists were Italian, Giovanni Battista Venturi is one of the italian scientists that influence us to understand how our world work. He had proven to us that his theory is true and reliable. Venturi also proved to us that he can use his physics knowledge to create his works. His works helped to created vacuum, pump, and valve. That can be very helpful nowadays. However, it wasn’t that surprise that he could achieved this kind of thing. He was a genius since a kid. He can remember so many things very well and was very good at physics and math. Reason behind that was because he liked those kind of subject. Venturi always focused in the physics. Whenever he’s free he will always study physics really hard. He was once influenced by physics and that made him interested in physics. His work was very useful and it was also easy to apply to our real life. Not only that he discovered “Venturi effect”, he also write so many books and poems about his life as a physicist. The books and poems that he wrote…show more content…
He had a very deep respect to General Bonaparte, which is the Director of the Paris observatory, because the General Bonaparte trusted in his work and knowledge and also had told him “as one of the men most competent to bring renown to Italy and to build there useful waterworks and do good work in mathematics and physics.” General Bonaparte also sent him another letter which praise Abbe about his ability about engineer and military architecture. This made him started to find a way to make waterworks engineering. When he was creating the water system, he used his own treatise “Experimental Researches on the principle of the Lateral Communication of Movement in Fluids applied to the explanation of different hydraulic phenomena” to help him create it. In the end, he create the first water system in one small
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