Giving Back To The Community

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There are some things we need to discuss about our community. There are many problems and littering around the world. Services are all around even if you don't need to have the hours for community service. There are tons of people who are willing to work for their community to make it a better living place for them and the animals around it. Giving back is a great way to fulfill your community service requirement for school or a club, build your resume, and make a difference in your community. However, sometimes, it's difficult to find an exciting volunteer opportunity.

Some of the ways we can help with the community, is to have a community trash pick up. The next time you go grocery shopping, pick up some non-perishables to donate to your local food bank. Bring new or lightly used toys and stuffed animals to the children's hospital. During the holiday season, answer a letter to Santa from a needy child. Visit your local participating post office to get a letter from an underprivileged kid, buy a gift and mail your package. Send a care package to deployed troops, veterans, or wounded soldiers.

Write a thank-you letter and include some foods (no homemade or canned food allowed). If you're under 18, make sure to sign your letter with your first name only. Take a look at Operation gratitude or Give2TheTroops to learn what to donate and
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Plan a disability day where your friends or classmates are given a physical disability for day and are forced to function during the day. Organize a car pooling campaign in your neighborhood to cut down on air pollution. During bad weather, visit seniors to make sure they have everything they need. Contact your juvenile court system. Find out if they have a "Kids in Court" program to match older kids who have been in court as abuse victims with younger kids who are facing a court
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