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udio glass in my eyes is a big part of the art industry as it has changed the view of a material that has been used for over 4000 years. Harvey Littleton was the founder of this movement and he also contributed too many artists who have worked with the studio glass movement throughout the years especially at the start. He taught hot glass in a garage on the grounds of the Toledo Museum of Art. At an American Crafts Council conference in 1959 they challenged Littleton to prove that hot glass was a medium that could be worked on by individual artists in their own studios. There were many people throughout the arts community that thought Littleton’s work had little more than novelty value.
One of Littleton’s early students in 1964 was Marvin …show more content…

The first time he ever worked with a partner was in this program, Fritz Dreisbach, and doing this came the collaborative model that he has used throughout his career. His first piece that he made at the university made him aware that glass doesn’t need to just be an industrial product that is mass produced it can be personal to the maker and an expression by them too. Near enough all of his work has been very abstract and brightly coloured since he started making work. Most of his early works are quite simple but they are purposely an art form.
Chihuly is an artist who was and still is always making things more difficult and always stretches studio glass and the glass itself to its limits. He and his team try to push glass as an art into larger and larger spaces. He likes to take the 2000 years of glass making history and transform it into magnificent works. After losing the sight in one of his eyes and also hurting his shoulder which stopped him being able to blow glass himself, it has made him look at his work in a different way as he can no longer see the work as most others do so he has to explain to his workers what he would like them to do, which I think would be a hard thing to do as he works with lots of different people and his work is quite big and extravagant.
Littleton himself was open to science and industry from a young age dew to his father being the head of research at Corning Glass Works.

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