Glenville Science Night

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For my service learning project I went to Glennville Elementary School Science Night. My station was the depth perception activity. Each student was asked to stand with their hand above a target. They were to drop the ball over the center of the target while closing their right eye for three shots, left eye for three shots, and both eyes open for three shots. My responsibility was to explain the background information, the activity, and record the score of each shot. The goal of the activity was to understand why you score higher shots with both eyes open than you do with one eye closed. It showed how each of our eyes see an angle, and with both eyes open it shows up the average in the middle which is the most straight on view. My activity used many steps to the scientific method. Each student formed a hypothesis without even trying. Many would say that they were going to do better with my right eye open, or with both eyes open. Then they were to do the experiment, where data was taken. After the experiment they could analyze their data and could detect where they had actually done the best and why. I think the science night really got the kids excited about science. I heard many kids say that they love science night and hope they can do these fun activities more often. I think it represented COSM in a very positive way. We were taking time from our thursday nights to go and get students excited and learn about science. This showed very positive things about our

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