Global Climate Change : The Global Warming

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The Global Climate Change
Currently, when human life is growing, human activities play an impact on the environment and climate, which leads to global climate change. Climate change is a problem of the whole world, and therefore remains a huge challenge for life on Earth. So what is climate change? Evolution of how it change? Climate change is caused by natural causes or by humans which possibly fluctuates the cycle of change in weather and climate. The specific expression that we often hear about is known as the phenomenon of global warming, the greenhouse effect, and the ice melting in the Northern/Southern hemispheres. The environment includes all factors of abiotic and biotic impacts, affecting directly or indirectly in every day human life. Therefore, each of us needs to realize and understand that protecting the environment is to protect our lives the prolonged existence of humankind.
Nowadays, people with the invention of modern science and technology, are more devoted to humanity, but the effect it has, has little impact on the environment such as air pollution, water pollution, light pollution and noise pollution… man himself is quietly changing the climate without knowing all the impact mankind makes in everyday life. About 100 years of human impact on sensitive balance between the natural greenhouse effect and solar radiation has been researched and documented. Which lead to the change in the concentration of greenhouse gases over the past 100 years.
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