Global Financial Crisis And Its Effect On Australian Retails Markets

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The Report gives the insight of Global Financial crisis and its effect on Australian Retails Markets and

Supermarkets. Particular the Impact of GFC on the one of the second largest leading independent

supermarket, FOODWORKS during the period of 2007-2009 and examines the impact of the Global

Financial crisis on the performance of the company. The global financial crisis brought with it very

many challenges. Some were controllable while others were uncontrollable. Foodworks being the

second largest Independent supermarket in Australia faced many difficulties during this period.

Financial aid from the government made recover all the industries, in the span of three years these

companies survived and came into profits, and government took appropriate steps to stimulate and

come over the crisis.


FoodWorks is one of the most leading retailer market, groups of Australian United Retailers Limited

which was started in November 2004 and later formed as a Food Works Supermarket group Ltd and

the member Australian National Group which is the main competitors for Woolworth, Iga, Coles, and

Aldi. FoodWorks is the second largest leading Independent supermarket in Australia. The Annual

Turnover is excess of $2 billion in retail level. Its Operation more than 650 stores and having franchise

nearly 400.The main Headquarters is in the state of Victoria. The only one supermarket in Australia

which is different from every store to store and have strong

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