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Global Market The Callaway Golf might have pros and cons if they prefer either to use of a global marketing or multi-domestic marketing. The Callaway Golf can have a big market in worldwide which may increase the amount of its revenue. Moreover, the products of Callaway can be known by people around the world, especially who interested in golf. By using the global marketing approach to marketing for Callaway, the company may have no problem in producing and distributing its products to other countries because of the same products inside and outside the United States. The only thing that the company needs to focus on is the quality control of the products. However, the Callaway Golf might face a problem if its products unable to compete to…show more content…
Economic factors are one of the environmental factors, involve economic variables, such as prices and wages, could have a major impact on the marketing of golf clubs internationally. According to Marx, “The Japanese economy collapsed in the mid-1990s, and the salary man class lost its monopoly on social prestige. Golf was a core tradition of corporate warriors, and it therefore also suffered a reputation loss from its over-association with the dominant old-man contingent”. This impact has hurt Callaway Golf and other golf equipment manufactures. Demographics factors also brought a large impact on the marketing of golf clubs internationally. Younger golfers are working more hours to support themselves and the aging Japanese population, leaving them fewer hours on the course to enjoy themselves. This may impact the downsizing of the golf players in the next few years. In South Korea, the environmental factor that could have a major impact on the marketing of golf clubs internationally is social factors which can affect the lifestyles as a society. According to Kerin, Hartley, and Rudelius, “Korean women account for the lion’s share of the $600 million in golf and apparel/footwear sales tallied at retail compared to hard goods sales of $275 million”. This would also bring a great impact for most golf equipment manufacturers, including Callaway, in pursuing the female lifestyles domestically and internationally. I would
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