International Marketing Essay

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IDISCUSSION QUESTIONS Chapter 1: 1. To what extent is a global approach to international marketing appropriate to firms in the Asia-Pacific? Global approaches are not always relevant to firms in the Asia-Pacific apart from alerting them to the nature of the international competitive environment in which they are likely to operate. A global approach is not an operating strategy for Indigenous small and medium scale exporters (SMEs) and is only partially appropriate for local subsidiaries of transnational firms. 2. Do the driving forces always outweigh the restraining forces in ensuring the attractiveness of international marketing to the Asia-Pacific firm? 3. Why is it necessary to adopt a holistic approach in …show more content…

6. Describe the way in which cultural differences can act to impede communication between business people of different nationality. 7. What are the shortcomings of Hoftsede’s criteria for assessing differences on a global basis? Do you consider that his fifth factor adequately caters for the underlying differences between Asian and Western cultural values? Chapter 12: 1. Prepare a Matrix showing the following countries along the horizontal axis: Canada, Vietnam, Thailand and Japan. On the vertical axis list each of the six factors to be taken into account when redefining the business and considering international markets. In the cells indicate how these factors would differ for each of the four countries. 2. How would leveraging capabilities with respect to the Indonesian market differ between an Australian/New Zealand producer of computer software and an Australian/New Zealand manufacturer of automotive parts? 3. Modifying a product to facilitate its sale internationally will involve extra costs. To what extent are these costs discretionary and how would you assess whether the costs are worthwhile. 4. For what kinds of products do you expect customer needs to be worldwide? Why? 5. In what ways does the product’s packaging need changing when the product is being marketed in another country? 6. You have been asked to develop a product for sale throughout the ASEAN region. What are the criteria you would apply in the

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