Global Warming And Its Effect On Human Activity

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In the last couple of decades there has been a growing awareness with respect to global warming. However, there continue to be diverse views regarding this phenomenon. Since the beginning of the industrial era the emissions of greenhouse gases have risen significantly. There has also been an increase in the surface temperature around the globe in the last three decades. The majority of the population understands and accepts these facts. However, using these two facts as a foundation, people come to a variety of conclusions regarding the effects and the reasons why these circumstances have manifested. When I took environmental science the awareness I possess, with regards to this concept, progressed. The emissions of greenhouse gases due to human activity have caused an increase in temperatures around the globe. Due to the increase in greenhouse emissions, the particles have formed holes in the atmosphere. These holes in the atmosphere enable a greater amount of harmful UV rays to reach the surface of the earth. This might not sound like a huge problem, however; people have a greater chance to develop skin cancer. Additionally, animals can also be more susceptible to skin cancer.
This breakdown of the ozone layer is responsible for the increase of the temperature on the surface of earth; there are glaciers melting at an unprecedented rate. Although, water covers over seventy percent of the earth, only one percent can be easily accessible for human and animal use. With

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