Essay on Global Warming

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Global Warming

Our planet's atmosphere traps energy just like a greenhouse. Energy
from the Sun can enter the Earth’s atmosphere, but not all of it can
easily find its way out again.

What blocks the Sun’s energy from escaping from the Earth? Unlike a
greenhouse, the Earth does not have a layer of glass over it! Instead,
molecules in our atmosphere called greenhouse gasses absorb the heat.
Greenhouse gasses include water vapor, methane, ozone, nitrous oxide,
and carbon dioxide. There may not be much of some of these gasses in
our atmosphere, but they can have a big impact. Each greenhouse gas
molecule is made of three or more atoms that are bonded loosely
together. These molecules are able to
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About 30 gases produced by human activity have been identified as
contributing to the greenhouse effect. These are sometimes called
greenhouse gases. The main ones are carbon dioxide, methane, CFCs and
nitrous oxide. Sunlight reaches the Earth's surface, is reflected off
it, and is prevented from escaping from the atmosphere by this layer
of gases, which acts like glass in a greenhouse.

Up to a point, the greenhouse effect is a natural process, and
naturally occuring carbon dioxide is not dangerous. Without greenhouse
gases, the average temperature of the Earth would be -19C , in other
words, too cold for us to live. However, the concentration of the
greenhouse gases in the atmosphere has changed dramatically: since the
18th century, carbon dioxide has increased by 30%.

There is disagreement among scientists about the seriousness of global
warming. Most scientists agree that the global temperature is rising.
They do not agree on more specific elements of the issue: How much
will it warm up? What will happen if it does warm up? How far are
humans responsible? What should we do to stop it?

Scientists believe that if we go on producing gases at the rate we do
now, it is likely that the Earth's average temperature will rise by
about 0.3 degrees C every ten years. This…

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