Globalisation Has Been more Harmful than Beneficial

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It means increasing global relationships of culture, people, and economic activities. Moreover, the free trade between the countries is measured due to the implementation of globalization. It is a concept of viewing the whole world as a ‘global village.’ But today there is a controversial debate about the topic is globalization has been more harmful than beneficial and in this essay the argument is in the favour of the topic about health, environment, and employment.

Globalization has been benefited global health is stated by the proponents of it. Furthermore, globalization has not only provided the technology and services around the world but also has increased the per capita income of a small portion of people in the world ; so people can receive medical treatment easily in their home countries as well due to the movement of professionals such as, doctors. In contrast, because of globalisation people are moving around the world; consequently, diseases such as HIV/AIDS, communicable diseases, obesity have become the global threat. Therefore, Charles Baillie declared that “In Canada 60,000 people were founded as HIV positive (Lavin Institute, 2008).” However, obesity the global epidemic is the damage of health and money. In addition, instead of traditional foods, global beverages and fast foods at any place in the world have raised obesity. For example, according to Sir John Bourn, “approximately more…
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