Globalization And Its Impact On Modern Society

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Since the early 1990’s, the term globalization has become a bit of a buzzword, prevalent in the speech of policy makers, popular press, and academic journals. It is used frequently to describe the …. . Its consistent use has led many people to a certain understanding of it most basic meaning, but it is an immensely complex concept that can not be truly understood at the top layer of meaning which is prevalent among general society. There are multiple varying definitions for the globalization phenomenon.
Many people argue that the process of globalization has contributed to a metaphorical “flattening” of our world, destroying absolute spatial differentiation. The hyperglobalist economists believe that we have come to live in a ‘global village’ society in which is close to the destruction of spatial differentiation and thus, the study of geography. The idea is that our differences are declining and our culture is homogenizing. However, this belief relies on the assumption that modern globalization mechanisms can be considered completely global. It is difficult to refute the argument that there are currently millions of people who have not seen or been affected by even the most fundamental advancements and compression that go along with globalization. Looking meticulously at the “geographical distribution of the causes and effects of...contemporary processes of economic globalization” shows that there is in fact a clear differentiation of these processes along recognizable and
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