Globalization Is Affecting The People Of Hong Kong

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Hong Kong is a region of China that has a tumultuous past. It was colonized by the British, captured by Japan, given back to the British, and eventually losing its sovereignty to China. The people of Hong Kong are an interesting mixture of economic classes, races, religions, and opinion. Recently, they’ve been in the news due to their protests for the hope of democracy in the region. This paper is an examination of how globalization is affecting the people of Hong Kong, and how they are reacting to the changes that are presenting themselves to them. I’ll look at aspects such as immigration, environmental changes, and the importance of the global economy to the region.
The population of Hong Kong is one that is split by a fairly large age gap. This age gap is accentuated by those who grew up under British rule and those who were born in the age past that, where China took over the region as a ‘Special Administrative Region.’[Davis, 3/29/15, p.209] This social dynamic has, in recent times, created a strange barrier and string of protests over Democracy in the country. These issues are accentuated by the extreme population density of the region, with over seven million people living in an area nearly three times as small as Rhode Island. Within the country, there is a constant need to do better. This can be seen in the effort of the people of Hong Kong to become ‘white’ or ‘Western.’ To establish some quick background, Hong Kong was, until the

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