Essay on Globalization on New Companies and Small Buisness

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When we look at international business today we can obviously notice that companies all around the globe trying to expand their business as more as they can. When some company runs some business, they are relatively weak at the start point. As firm passing trough the process of growing, they must survive all the threats and traps on that road. We can say that the most risky and hardest job to do when new company starting with some business is surviving that first period of probably a year or two. At the start point every businessman trying to go through that process step by step, so for example; if we plan to open some tourist agency, the first thing we gone do is, to check the geographic area for that kind a job, of course there is no …show more content…

We can just observe the situation in Croatia, just in the last five years we can see at almost every corner of the state bankruptcy of the Croatian biggest companies, sold to foreign investors, the unemployment rate is on higher scale than ever before. Everything started with good promotion, marketing, sales and similar activities. It is almost unbelievable that owns a business competition of the biggest companies in the world now work all together, privatization of state companies are on an unbelievable high scale, actually almost ninety percent of world biggest companies are now in the private ownership. Acquisition is happening everywhere around us, and we must ask ourself, why is that? The thing is that bigger company destroying small business in the way that they are annexed them one by one. Small private, family businessman don't even got a chance to reject the offer of some big international firm, because they can't bear on that high scale. If we observe the small state like Croatia is, we can notice that we actually have a lot of companies that work on the international scale like Podravka, Atlantic group, INA, RIZ, Dalekovod proizvodnja, Agrokor and much else. Of course the number of Croatian companies has reduced to the international scale. We have three basic reasons why companies emerging with competition or other foreign, domestic companies: Consolidation, globalization and acquisition. We can notice that all three of them is constantly

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