Goal Statement By Homer Dostoyevsky

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Goal Statement Assignment Throughout this semester, my overarching communication goal is to challenge myself to express my thoughts more. I often find more enjoyment from listening to others’ opinions and then adding those opinions to my calculus of thought. I believe that I can learn to enjoy expressing my thoughts more by committing to three specific goals: Learn different styles of communication by simply reading every day and diversifying my literary choices, use the different written styles of communication by varying writers to shape a more effective message, and then practice paying closer attention to whomever I’m speaking to in order to ensure my audience is comfortable. My goal to learn different styles of communication can be achieved by committing 30-minutes every day to reading some of the classics, such as The Illiad and Odyssey, by Homer; Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov, by Dostoyevsky; and Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Although these are older works, they are still exceptionally relevant today. Homer, Dostoyevsky, and Shakespeare’s work has created a…show more content…
When I listen to him speak, I often can’t help but notice how his emotion infiltrates his words. Regardless of the subject, he takes his emotion and thought process and infuses them to dictate his cadence. For example, if he is speaking about his foreign policy for country X, he’ll outline the plan, and then he’ll proceed to inject both his logic for the decision and, more importantly to his effectiveness, a slice of humanity. He’ll connect it to his listeners’ emotions, usually through a story or foresight for posterity. He also makes his effectiveness seem achievable. And I believe that I could learn from his talents. More specifically, I could work on connecting the “why” aspect to my speeches. If I can impart a motivation to listen and participate to my audience, then I may just be one step closer to President
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